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I would really really love to get into doing buttercream transfers.  Right now if a customer wants something specifically drawn onto the cake I just do it free hand with piping gel but I'm looking for something else because I'm finding a lot of people don't like the taste of gel.  Are they fairly straight forward to make?  If anyone could shed a little light on doing buttercream transfers that would be great!    Thanks :)

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BCTs are really not hard to make at all. You just get yr image, take a piece of wax paper and lay it over it. Then outline yr image, then fill in yr image with buttercream in the colors you want to use. Cover it completely in buttercream, making sure to stay within the realm of yr image and freeze :-) When yr ready for yr image, remove from the freeze and very carefully, place yr BCT over the area of cake where you want it and slowly pull the wax paper away.


PS:You Tube has a ton of videos on this and If you are also a member of cakecentral, they have a tutorial on BCTs too.

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