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Which do you prefer to use when crumb coating your cake, buttercream or ganache?

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You can make any flavor by adding the LorAnn oil flavoring to the cream.  I just add it right after I warm the cream.  If you do not get it strong enough you can add a few more drops after you mix it up.  DO NOT use extracts... your chocolate will sieze up and it will make an ugly mess!  There are tons of flavors in the LorAnn oils and you can use the colored merkens melts to make it and you have it all colored too!  I use this when I am making macaroons mostly.  Be sure when you make the white chocolate ganache you use a 3 parts chocolate to 1 part HEAVY cream.  There is not the fat content in the white chocolate that there is in the dark chocolate.  I LOVE the lemon!

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