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Hi there,


I was practicing making roses yesterday with buttercream icing, and every time i made the petals the icing came out crackly and not smooth. 


I mixed it again in my kitchen aid to see if that would help, and also added a little bit of water.  But same issue.


What do you think the problem could be?  I have a lot of icing and dont want to throw it out.


Thank you!

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Well i do plan on using my crackly flowers somewhere wastage :) Deah what is PS?

Deah Aldridge said:
The crackly ones make beautiful fantasy flowers! My Wilton instructor was left handed also. She used the same technique as a righty would. Since you are just practicing split up your icing into batches and experient with consistency. Add a little more PS to some and a little more corn syrup to the other. See what works for you.
Sorry - Powdered Sugar
Instead of corn syrup try adding more shortening, creaminess is needed :D
i think the crackly one's look good to, but i think maybe your bc is still to dry, i use mine thick not super thick if a fork stand's in it it's a good place to start with corn syrup, and i agree split your bc , my teacher made mine so thick i couldn't even squeeez the bag, lol and don't forget to open the TIP it really helps with a knife, when first doing them i used the hershey kiss really helped, i know use the swirl instead of the way wilton does it. if you need to start making a batch of thin just so you you can pipe, then medium for borders, then thicker. i still have to monkey with mine every time but i do start with adding more sugar then lessen but i first put in the corn syrup to see if it thin's enough, .
also i your flowers stop forming i guess i have hot hands i have a frozen pack of ice or something from the freezer and set it on there for a few minutes
Looks like the icing is too stiff and I am left handed so that isnt the problem. Try adding more unsalted butter to your recipe...shortening tastes yucky so substitute more butter for shortening or learn how to make Swiss buttercream..soft and silky and makes awesome can make them ahead and refrigerate them before you place them on the is stable at room temperature and can be refrigerated at least a week, frozen for several months. Just bring to room temperature before rewhipping.

Swiss Butter Cream

6 oz eggwhites room temperature (weight not liquid measure)
12 oz granulated sugar
1 lb unsalted butter very soft not melted
1 tbsp vanilla (or any flavor of choice, melted chocolate, liqueur, extract, fruit puree) amounts will vary

Over a very gently simmering water bath on very low flame mix egg whites and sugar. Whisk constantly until it comes to 155 degrees F and the sugar is completely dissolved. Place in mixer with the whip attachment and whip until room temperature and stiff peaks. Don't worry about overwhipping. This will take about 10 minutes. Make sure the meringue is not warm or the butter will melt. Add butter, 1/2 cup at a time and mix for about 15 seconds in between. After the butter is incorporated add the vanilla and whip at high speed until very light and fluffy. This is so delicious! Makes more than enough for a 2 layer cake plus decorations.

Mizztry said:

Hi...ok so I have added few pics of my roses...
Roses_before -- the crackly rose
Roses_after -- after i put corn syrup, it seemed to make it better but still a little crackly

I also forgot to mention i'm left handed so could it be my technique? I can't seem to find any videos on left handed rose making...any thoughts??

Hello..Thanx for the bring this issue .I have the same problem with my butter cream roses.ugh... So I bought willton stiff butter cream from the store. :D .But I really wanna make the butter cream on my own and wanna create nice roses. I guess till then I have to bought store brand...It's not tasty at all .. :(. I've made butter cream couple of times at home and after I frost it on cake it's dry out and fall off like a dry send....I am so frustrated with this problem.... :(
Lol, well, I believe you :D Let me know how it goes!

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