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When I watch different tutorials on icing cakes, I find that most people ice chilled cakes. Well, this has me baffled. When I ice a chilled cake with buttercream frosting, and whether I cover it with fondant or not, I will come back a few hours later and there's a huge bubble that has formed. I like to keep my cakes in the fridge, and I can keep it from happening by not letting the cake sit out any length of time, but my customers don't have the fridge space that I do, so it will then turn around and bubble out when they have it. I can't seem to find any answers as to why this happens??

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It looks like it could also be an air pocket. If you poke a hole on the very top of your cake using a wooden skewer, it can act as a chimney and allow trapped air to escape rather than forming a bulge.  Hope this helps!

Would you do that before you ice it? ive been having tons of problems with my cakes literally resisting the icing! It mainly happens when I ice a trimmed cake. If I put them in the freezer for a few minutes and then ice them, the icing sticks better, but then after it rests for an hour, I come back to a huge bubble yet again! I feel it has to do with moist cake and using high-ratio shortening, but I keep thinking there has to be a solution?? The only thing I've found (it makes me nervous to do this out of fear of dry cake) is to trim my cake, then let it sit out uncovered for 30 min-1 hour until it feels dry to the touch on the outside. :(

this is very interesting, if it were an air bubble you would probably see that once it was cut, have you tried checking it out once it gets cut? Maybe that will give you a better idea of what is going on.

I haven't, but I have removed the bubble before, and from what I can see, the cake completely resists the icing in that spot. It's like the icing pulls away from the cake and then the bubble forms. When I'm icing the cake, the icing seems to be sticking to the cake???

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