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As I flipped through the pictures for the contest to see if mine were still there, I found that they were. What I also noticed was, that quite a few of the cakes also had fondant & gumpaste details too. Of course the cakes with the extra details, are going to be noticed more, than the ones without.

I am wondering how that can be fair. Can anyone please explain this to me?

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I understand your concern, but I think the idea is that what buttercream IS used is done with mastery.  The cake I entered had strawberries on top - so that's something other than buttercream and makes it noticeable, but would that disqualify the cake? And if not, how is that different than some gumpaste roses or a fondant figure? 

Like we always say - anyone can enter whatever cakes they would like, but we count on our members to make the decisions to narrow down the cakes and our outside judges make the final call.  So we hope our membership will look for cakes that truly do showcase buttercream techniques in this instance.  :)

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