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Has anyone bought the 5 lb cake mixes?  Is it worth it -- taste? texture?  I use a modified box cake recipe and was curious if I could modify the bulk mix easy enough.  Anyone??? Thanks,

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i have i cant remember the brand where i just had to add water and it was awful i tried adding flavours etc to make it taste nice but it didnt improve it at all. i found the cake to be far too sweet and the texture was hard and grainy.

Ok. Good to know.  I'm trying to be more cost effective, but not at the expense of a bad cake! 

same iv just tried a cheaper mixture  to see if i could reduce my costs but they've turned out awful iv learnt its best not to take short cuts as it effects the flavour / consistency.

I've tried a couple of them and they were BAD. These were 50 lb commercial bags, from Sysco and U.S Foods. Yuck. 

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