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I operate a small coffee shop/bakery.  I bake a lot of photo birthday cakes so I use bulk cake mixes from my food supplier. The directions on the package are for a full batch, but I usually mix smaller batches. Does anyone have a guide for the water/cake mix ratio for smaller batches? The packages are 4.5 pounds each.


Also, can I add pudding or sour cream to help texture without messing up the batch?


I may just go back to Dunan Hines


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Wow that's kinda of a hard question, I don't really measure water, I go by consistency of the batter.   I think I use 2 to 3 cups of water for every 7 cups of master mix.  Then I add more if needed.  Hope that helps. :-}
That does help. Do you ever add anything extra to help with moisture, such as pudding or sour cream?
Yes - both and applesauce instead of oil in white cake.
pudding is great to add and its makes cake fluffy

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