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There are so many different bug and insect cakes on the site I decided to create this post to highlight them. Are you looking to for bug cake ideas. Insects make great bug birthday cakes.

From ant cakes to butterfly cakes you will find all the different bug cake ideas below.

If you have made a bug cake please post the picture in the reply section.

Butterfly cakes

Ladybug Cakes

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very cute

here is a lady bug


here is our roach cake we made a couple of years ago for the cast party of "metamorhposis"


Laney Cowan said:

what type of frosting did you use,i am just starting to bake and my daughter would love this cake ,she is 18 and loves lady bugs


These are M&M bugs with piped chocolate legs.

The Ladybug on this Oreo Sunflower is also an M&M.


I used good ole buttercream frosting.

thank you

Laney Cowan said:


I used good ole buttercream frosting.

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