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I just got a big Blodgett confection oven. Does anyone else use a confection oven? if your cupcakes are to bake at 350 for 15 min in a regular oven. what time and temp do you  bake in a confection oven?

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sorry Blodgett oven oops

Hi Elizabeth

I have a Samsung convection oven. I bake my cupcakes @ 325d for 11-13 min. in mine.

I have to say though, when baking my larger cakes, I never use convection. I can only speak from experience, as this is my 2nd convection oven. I found they cook to quickly, and dry out. This stove is fairly new, so I haven't wanted to "waste" a very large cake for practice. Now the weird thing, we bought a large convection toaster oven for our counter for our newly reno'd kitchen. I have baked several cakes in their. It only bakes in convection, and they have turned out fine????  I do cupcakes, as I said, on convection all the time. Gotta get brave and try a bigger cake in my oven!!!!

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