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Black & White Cake Contest:

Enter your Black & White Cake by Sunday, March 25th for a chance to win the Stargazer Lily dvd from Design Me A Cake. 1st and 2nd place winners will each receive this dvd.

Edna de la Cruz has been interested in creating beautiful things with her hands all her life. She began as a Fashion Designer doing fashion shows in Central Florida. 

Over ten years ago, she decided to try her hand at cake decorating.  She took basic classes with Wilton and fell in love with the art.  Edna worked at a custom cake shop as the Wedding Cake Designer. Some of her work and tutorials have been featured in magazines like Cake Central Magazine and American Cake Decorating Magazine.  Today, she not only designs Wedding Cakes, but she teaches both through her instructional DVDs and in classrooms throughout the country.

Edna has been invited to be a judge at different Cake Competitions including the prestigious Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show (OSSAS) run by the famous Kerry VIncent. You can see examples of her work,  free tutorials and find her DVD's at her website Design Me A Cake. She recently won on an episode of Food Network's Challenge.

How To Enter:

Add the photo to your profile (not the forum). Photos must include a description of the materials/techniques used to make your cake.   Only cake entries will be accepted - no cupcakes, cake pops or cake balls. Cakes that do not fit the theme will not be entered.

The photo title (required) will be a suitable title for picture, but it may not remain a string of numbers associated with a file name on your computer. To enter the contest, add the TAG  304 to your picture. 1 entry per person and 1 photo per entry. All entries will be featured at the top of the photos page. (This is a manual process, so please be patient).

The top ten cakes will be determined by the number of people selecting it as their favorite with the favorite button.  Voting will take place from Monday, March 26th to Friday, March 30th. The top ten cakes
will be displayed on Saturday, March 31st. The judges will vote from April 1 - 3. The winners will be posted on Wednesday, April 4th.

Please do not solicit votes or your entry will be disqualified.


Jennifer Bratko - 1st place:


Brenda Bakker - 2nd place:

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That is truly fabulous - but do you dust it on dry or wet?  I ask this because when I work with sparkle and pearldust, it lands everywhere - or do you do it when the fondant is lying flat before you put it on the cake?

I use it flat down indeed and after I put the stencil on the fondant but before I dust it, I will put a little bit of crisco on the stencil on the open spaces fondant so the dusting powder wil hold on to the fondant. and if your fondant is bigger than your stencil just camouflage the rest of the fondant with a tissue as long ad you are dusting ;) hope you understand it?


Perfectly well - thank you so much, that makes real sense and I am going to do a trial shot at it this afternoon as soon as I get home - thank you so much Brenda - have a wonderful Easter :-)  ps I went to go and have a look at Brennies Cakehouse and your work is really wonderful - such a joy to see such beautiful fine work - thank you

And there is post from Orlando, it's from Edna De la Cruz! It's a lively dvd I won a few weeks ago. Thank you very much Edna. I will soon give it my best shot!!! I love this one! It's one lucky day today!! thank you all for voting for me ;)

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