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For some reason my black fondant is always really sticky.... I know how to solve that problem. My problem is how do I make it shine when I'm done? I'm always left with 10x sugar that I can't dust off my black fondant. I know I'm missing something here. Please help. What is the trick?

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.........It evaporates very quickly so no alcohol is left behind............


This is not totally true.  For yrs we had been told that *ALL* alcohol evaporates in cooking/baking but more recent test show that only about 30-50% does :(  For someone who is an alcoholic this can be a major problem.  Yes, *most* of it will evaporate but there will be some left.

As for children eating it.........I would not be the least bit concerned as the amount there is so little:) 

Since there is another way to solve this problem I suggest we all use it. (the oil/shortening rubdown.)

I agree with the shortening method atho Ive never tried steaming. The weather here has a over 90%humidity evel so got to be careful with even steaming but I will try and see how it goes tho'.

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