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 I have been given my first wedding order! and the customer wants a biscuit cake for one layer but i am not sure which ideas to give her, can you give me a few ideas, i know Prince William had a biscuit cake for his wedding??

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She probably thought she would give you a chance Lynette (inexperience doesn't necessarily mean no good).  Can't imagine why she didn't like the Vic sponge cake - I'm told mine are the best people have ever tasted and I think it's a super versatile recipe.  If she's asked you to do the cupcakes, then I would do them.  It's experience for you and she must have faith that you are able to do it.

to be honest i am running a marathon anyhow so it would interefere with my training, can i ask what recipe you use just to compare to mine?

Lynette, I am willing to guess that your bride is accustomed to boxed cake mixes, which usually have a light, fine texture - icky flavor, but nice texture.  I have friends who prefer cake mixes because that is what they grew up eating, just love Walmart birthday cake - white cake mix with Crisco buttercream (yuck)!  I am sure there was nothing wrong with your cakes.

Considering the time, money and mental health you have already expended upon this bridezilla, if I were you, I would decline to do the cupcakes and make a clean break (not my business, just feeling your pain :o)

Sounds to me like you don't really want to do them anyway, so, like Sandra says, make the break.

I use Mary Berry's Vic Sponge recipe - with Stork, not butter.

well if its a choice between running for charity and doing a cake for someone that is specific on the texture of sponge she wants and wont be happy anyhow. i think i will choose the first one seeing that i have worked hard for it and will reap the benefits.

Good luck on your marathon, Lynette!  Forget everything else and enjoy all of your hard work.  I used to run, so I understand the challenge.

Thanks its my sixth one but doesn't get any easier!
Hats off to you Lynette.....I couldn't run a mile if my life depended on it!!

I agree with Sandra.  Scratch cakes are very different in texture than those from cake mixes.  I've always preferred to do something a little more challenging so never cared for just making a cake from a mix.  If I did use a mix, I always doctored it.  For the most part, I do scratch cakes only.  My extended family are used to it and love it.  Recently I made one for a different crowd.  I noticed that some of them did not eat their entire piece and believe me I had the cake it was delicious.  I'm sure it was the texture that threw them off.  They had no problem with the store bought pastry.  Don't doubt yourself.  You can't please everyone.  

Thanks Goreti, i never had complaints before so dont really understand it, but to be fair i think i would have been taking on alot anyhow, should learn to assess when I am out of my depth.

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