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 I have been given my first wedding order! and the customer wants a biscuit cake for one layer but i am not sure which ideas to give her, can you give me a few ideas, i know Prince William had a biscuit cake for his wedding??

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Being Canadian, this is out of my league. Sorry Lynette, not much call for that type of cake here. Hopefully, some of our British members can weigh in with some help.

In the southern USA, a biscuit is a flour-shortening-buttermilk quick bread eaten usually with breakfast and sausage and/or gravy.  I've seen a lot of recipes for the type cake to which you are referring on the internet, but have never seen one.  Just enter British Biscuit Cake into your search engine.  Sorry I cannot offer any personal experience.

Well, this cake Prince William had done was a biscuit fridge cake. But, not sure I can roll fondant onto it. Then of course this is the oreo chocolate, or jaffa cake cake.

You'll have to explain Lynnette. Is this just regular cake batter with Oreo or Jaffa cookie crumbs and chunks added?? Is it a light cake, or a dense cake? If it's a light cake, I'm guessing a good crumb coat, then fondant, or marzipan rolled thin onto a well chilled cake would be fine.

I'm afraid I'm not much help either.  It's something I have never had or seen.

I found this article on the web, don't know if it helps any?

As for adding fondant - that's going to depend on how 'lumpy' your cake top is going to be.  If you can get it smooth, then it should work.  But won't that make it very sweet?

How about a chocolate biscuit cake of some sort and cover it in ganache instead?  You could use white chocolate to make the ganache, then you can also decorate it if needs be.

thanks all so much for your comments, the customer wants me to make a few samples. can i make the following in advance and then freeze cakes?

1. vanilla sponge

2. Chocolate mint made with aero

3. Jaffa cake - sponge with jaffa inside

4. lemon 

5. biscuit cake layer, she said she wants the malteeser and almond biscuit cake or some other variation still not sure what to do...

For her sample, i will just provide the samples but on the actual day i dont know which ones i can put fondant one and which ones chocolate ganache?

i know for e.g. i can do fondant on vanilla and lemon, shall i do choc ganache for the sweeter ones like the mint, jaffa and biscuit ??

Sorry for all questions but its my 1st wedding cake order and want to get it right lol.

If you add crushed cookies to your cake batter, your final cake shouldn't be "lumpy" . Cookies will be distributed throughout the cake.. I often add crushed chocolate bars to my bater, but big chunks of cookie/chocolate bar to my buttercream filling in between the cakes. That works well as you get a nice bite of it. I made a cake a few weeks ago with Skor chocolate bar ( taffy bits ) iin my icing/filling. Everyone noticed the nice pieces of the Skor bar in the icing. Gave a nice hit, but didn't make the whole cake too sweet.
I would bake up either mini cakes or cupcake samples with your preferred cookies/candy added to your icing/filling.
Hope this helps.

I can help with some of the questions, I think.

Freezing - yes to all of them.  In fact, I recently made some jaffa cake cupcakes and froze them.  When they were defrosted, they tasted exactly the same and had the same texture as they did before they were frozen.

I would put fondant on the vanilla and lemon definitely.  Jaffa cake and mint oreo I would use ganache for sure.  You could flavour your ganache to compliment too if you wanted too.  So I little bit of orange liquer or orange essence in the jaffa and a drop of mint flavouring for the oreo one.

Malteser and almond I think you could do either.  If you use fondant flavour it with almond essence 

thanks Katy! when you say i can freeze do you mean the batter or bake the cakes first then freeze?

I've done both Lynette
Froze the batter and froze fully baked cupcakes. Both work out well. Actually scooping out half thawed cake batter is great. I had leftover batter and had seen a post about how easy it is to scoop the batter when it's partially thawed, no dripping and mess. It worked. As a matter of fact, I'll stick my freshly made batter into the freezer for 20-30 min, makes it so much easier to use. As for baked cupcakes, as Katy said, I've froze fully baked, they come out moist like they were first baked. I've even frozen cupcakes fully iced, they were fine too....icing was fine when thawed.
Hope this helps.

great stuff as it will be hard to bake 5 cakes at one time so i might just spread it out a little.

If I'm busy, or have a couple of cakes to do, I always bake and freeze. Cakes and cupcakes always come out nice and moist. Great time saver....

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