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Does anyone have any good birthday cake ideas for boys?

I have a birthday coming up for a family member.

There are so many possible birthday cake ideas for boys that I cant decide.

I was thinking, if any of our members have created boys birthday cakes adding them here would be a good idea.


Here is a link to some boys birthday cake photos as well

Xbox Cake

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Stunning !

Scott S. Smith said:

Just ask what is his favorite cartoon character or toy and then you can make that for him to be the theme for the cake.

Zoo animals and Cars Theme/ Toy Story/Minons

Maria Gemini said:

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i would like to thank you for this wonderful question . guys have shared some awesome cakes ,i have never ever seen this before

Just make some cupcakes....
Decorate 4 cupcakes with a green icing top
then another green icing top cupcake but add a smile and eyes
then decorate about 8-10 cupcakes with chocolate icing
now put all the brown cupcakes together forming the shape of a turtles shell
outline the brown shell with a green line
inside the green line outline hexagon shapes
now add 2 green cupcakes in the back and two in the front as legs and the green with a face in the front for a face.

You are ready with your decorative cake!


Actually boys enjoy on their birthdays and they destroy their cakes almost. They taste very less cake so we should try to make a simple cake for boys birthday. Boys like strawberry and chocolate cakes. Write their names on that and decorate it.


This cakes was really looking awesome bookthesurprisealso have good cakes you can visit once for more cakes.

Spider man cake will be the best cake for boys.

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