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I am doing a wedding shower cake for my cousin.  Her invitations and what she want for her cake is a Damask pattern.  What is the best way to achieve this on my cake.  I am doing a 2 tier square cake.  One tier in white, the other in a pale yellow.  Both will have the Damask pattern in black.  I may just do a single Damask image on each side of the upper tier and 2 on each side of the lower.  All in fondant.  Should I use a stencil?  Or can you purchase pre-designed sugar images?  This is for the end of January.  But, I want to make sure I know how I am going to do it.  Thanks.

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There are a couple of good tutorials on YouTube using buttercream & a stencil to make a damask design. I haven't tried it, but a couple in my cake club members have with good results. It is:

 on youtube. There are also new molds by Wilton. I have purchased a couple. They are amazingly quite good. The one mold has a really nice damask type design. If you press the fondant/gumpaste in the mold fairly thin, you get a really nice damask looking "stencil". 

Hope this helps. :o)

Hi Ken,

As June says - stencil and buttercream is a good way to go.  You can also use a stencil and colour dust it.  So it depends which you find easier.  I strongly suggest you get your stencil and practice with it before doing the real thing.  I have one and the first couple of tries were a little messy - I found the dust leaked through a bit and smudged.  I reckon you would have the same issue with buttercream.  But I really think it's a matter of practice, determining how much pressure you need to exert etc.  I think this might be the tutorial on youtube that June is talking about - it is a good one.

Hopefully this link will take you right to it. It's a tutorial by Alan Tetreault from Global Sugar Art. He shows how to position the stencil and hold it still with the use of a stretch band and clips.  It's pretty straight forward and easy to follow. I found it really helpful.

Be sure to use royal icing and practice the color ahead of time. I had a black demask a while back and wasn't able to get a true black in my royal icing, so I had to use store bought black butter cream and it was a real pain and I wasn't able to use this method because buttercream doesn't dry hard of course.

Also, having a flexible spreader is important. You can buy them or make your own. I made mine out of the lids from things like butter containers or coffee containers. Just cut them down and make them suitable for your needs.

Hope that helps.

Here's the link! Sorry!

Thanks for the help folks.  Both videos are extremely helpful.  I ordered a stencil off of ebay.  I should get it next week and I will have time to practice.

We're all looking forward to seeing the results Ken!

I have another question regarding using stencils.  If the measurement of the stencil says 6.5 inches high, is that the measurement from edge to edge of the plastic or the measurement of the design itself.  I am planningon doing a 12 inch on the bottom, but am not sure which tier stencil I should get.  I was thinking tier #5 because of the height.  But, I might be able to get away with a tier #4 side stencil, which measures 4 inches high.

Ken, don't shoot me if I'm wrong, but I would have thought that the measurement would be the actual size of the stencil part, not the whole thing............

By the way - what did the size of the stencils turn out to be?  The area of stencilling or the whole thing?

The dimensions were the full stencil.  So, it was 12 inches long.  but the design only cover like 11.5 inches on the cake.

Good to know, thanks.

Kentastic Cakes said:

The dimensions were the full stencil.  So, it was 12 inches long.  but the design only cover like 11.5 inches on the cake.

The damask stencil is super easy to use!  I have used mine over and over and love it more each time!!! Global Sugar Arts has a large line of stencils! 

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