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I have a 3d puppy cake coming up, he is short haired. Can anyone recommend the best fondant for "impressions" /scratchs for fur? I know duff's sprung right back last time and wouldn't hold the impressions well? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks melinda

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the wilton fondant is by far the best for 3-D work and lasting impressions
Thank you for the reply, that is the easiest one for me to get also. We have nowhere here but walmart or Micheals to get supplies. Sad I know, everything I get has to be ordered online and pay for shipping is crazy on the weight of fondant, shortening, etc.
As for fondant, I only use Satin Ice and never have any problems with impressions.  However for 3-D work and fur etc.. impressionw etc.... Modeling Chocolate hands down.
The wire brush that I introduced to cake decorating in 1982 works well for wood graining, fur and even bird feathers.  Go to:  The Magic Touch, and go to tools.  I don't know who else sells it that is based in the US.
I like Wilton for display work and Satin Ice or FondX for other work.

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