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I've tried many recipes over the years but always come back to this one Its always consistent never dry and makes a really good base for christmas or wedding cakes marzipanned and can be iced with fondant or royal icing. It keeps for ages and is definitely better made at least 2 months in advance then wrapped in greaseproof paper and foil.

This recipe will make a decent sized 9" square or 10" round but if you need a different size mail me because it doesn't work if you doulble or halve the recipe.

currants 775g

sultanas 375g

raisins 375g

glace cherries 250g

flaked almonds 150g

1/2 lemon zest

plain flour 600g

mixed spice 1 tsp

cinnamon 1tsp

butter 500g

soft dark brown sugar 500g

beaten eggs 9


baking time 4 1/2 hours at gas mark 2 150c or 300f

dump all the fruit nuts and lemon zest in a big bowl with a good glug of brundy while you make the cake (no need to soak overnight)

sift flour and spices.

put butter and sugar into bowl and cream well until light and fluffy, add beaten egg a little at a time beating well after each addition add a tiny bit of flour each time to prevent curdling. gradually fold in the remaining flour lightly before dumping this mixture on top of the fruit and fold in really well. spoon the mixture into a deep tin prepared with a double layer of greaseproof paper and make a slight depression in the top of the mixture. wrap the tin in 2 layers of ordinary brown paper and stand on a baking try also with 2 layers of brown paper bake in the centre of the oven and about half way through cooking cover with a large sheet of thick card with a hole cut in the centre to stop the top overbrowning. continue cooking till a knife inserted comes out clean (this can take a bit longer than stated depending on your oven and the fruit) when cooked remove from the oven and drizzle with another 2 or 3 tablespoons of brandy while still hot. allow to cool completely before removing from the tin then ease the cake out (dont remove the greaseproof lining paper) wrap in another layer of greaseproof and then double wrap in foil. Now each week unwrap and drizzle with more brandy before re-wrapping. day before covering with marzipan unwran and remove liner turn cake upside down and drizzle with brandy one more time re- wrap. to marzipan brush on hot sieved apricot jam and marzipan, leave for 48 hours to firm and then ice with either royal icing or fondant. (if using fondant brush the marzipan with either vodke or gin).

try it i'm sure you will love this cake!!!!




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Almond paste and marzipan are the same thing here.
Patricia F. said:

June as I understand they say Marzipan have rose water and almond paste have almond extract, I look in the Wilton book and it have the almond paste to make marzipan..  I when on amazon and they have RENshaw rolled 

marzipan ...

June Kowalczyk said:

Patricia and Sandra
Not sure if your aware, a lot of stores package Marzipan as Almond paste, or Almond paste roll.....

so they are the same thanks..

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