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Hello everyone.  Can someone please advise what is the the best turntable to use?  I currently have the Wilton Trim n Turn.  In the beginning it was great.  It did its job.  Now about 5 months later the ball bearings do not run smoothly.  I would love a big professional one, but they are soooo expensive and I am just starting my business out.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

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Well Rosa

I bought the same one as you, and I have also noticed that the ball bearings are starting to go. But I am not a pro baker, so to spend big $$$$ on a professional turntable just isn't feasible.  I cannot write it off as a business expense.  I wish when I was working I would have spent the extra money & purchased a good one. Now retired, just don't have the $$$ on just a hobby. You know sometimes buying a cheaper product ends up costing you more money in the long run. Case in point,  your Wilton.  Probably cost you between $30-45 dollars & it doesn't work anymore. The pro ones, like Fat Daddios are about $65 US. They sell them at  They seem to have the best price.  Sometimes Rosa..... it is pay now, or pay me later.  Meaning,  if I had spent good money the 1st place, I wouldn't be in a pickle as you right now!!  Hee Hee   

I can tell you what I am doing now Rosa.  I had a large wooden turntable I use to use on my kitchen table that I saved. So glad I did. I have a very, heavy stock pot I turn upside down,  I place a piece of rubber matt on the pot bottom.  I then place the wooden turntable on that. I put another piece of rubber matting on the turntable,  then place my cake board & cake on it. It gives me the height I need to do my work.  Only thing is, I can't lock it in place.  But, it works for me. 

You can find those wooden turntables a lot of places. Hope this helps.   :o)

Great suggestion.  Thank you. 

Your very welcome.  Glad to help.   :o)

Also try to clean your Wilton turntable.  If you turn it over, there are tabs to remove the top.  Clean the ball bearings and lubricate them with a little shortening or WD-40.  I do this as regular maintenance and have gotten years out of it.

Oh my Beverly

What a good idea.  I maintain my sewing machine,  so why wouldn't I clean & maintain my turntable? ?

Thanks      :o)

Thanks Beverly.  I have taken it apart and cleaned it, never thought to grease it up though.  Makes complete sense.  I will start doing that immediately.  Eventually I would like to upgrade to a nice professional one.

I would too, but so far really haven't seen one that fits my needs.

FYI-as I use a bench scraper to finish my buttercream I like a wide base on my turntable-which is hard to find.  I have the Cake Stackers system and when I was working on the larger layers of a cake a light bulb(dimly) went off in my head.  I drilled a hole in the center of my turntable the size of the center rivet(screw?-whatever) of my baseplates from the system.  Then when I need a bigger turntable I just invert the base of my choice onto the turntable and voila! I have up to a 21" turntable!  Cake Stackers does have a fitting that connects to bases but mine always loosens up on me which makes it wobbly.  I never have a wobble with my homemade one!

You know Beverly, sometimes our own "homemade" gadgets can work out better than the expensive store bought kind!!!   :o)

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