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I was asked to make this cake, any ideas on how to do the top of the cake to get the bubbles? Thanks

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Looks pretty simple. Think they placed cake balls sliced in half on top of the mug. Then covered them with white fondant. The fondant was given shine by either...... 1. Steaming. 2. Brushed with piping gel or corn syrup mixed with alcohol. 3. Brushed with a pearl lustre dust
Hope this helps. :o)
Oh thank you so much, had no clue
No problem. Not sure of course I'm 100% correct... just a good educated "cake" guess. Kind of a unique looking cake. Have fun making it...... :o)

What June said, plus -

The bumps could also be marshmallows.  Found the person who made it and they painted the droplets with snow sparkle mixed with alcohol apparently

Ahhhh marshmallows..... never thought of those. That would work, and a lot easier too. Smart thinkin Katy. How did you find the decorator Katy? Did you cut & paste the pic to a google search??

No June, I struck lucky.  Googled Beer Mug Cake on images and it came up, so clicking on it gave me the website.

Oh..... I see. For a minute there, I thought I had been out smarted by a brilliant computer whiz ..... just dumb luck.... Now I don't feel so bad....... hee hee hee......... :o)

lol - dumb's the word! (Me that is, not you!)

Dumb your not my dear..... Your feeling blue enough with the shoe drama..... wanted to give you a smile..... :o)

Hee Hee ........ Good one Katy..... :o)

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