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Hi everyone... I need some help trying to figure out exactly how to make the second tier on the cake.... The cake is due on May 9th and I don't want to run into any problems while I'm making it so I want to practice but I'm unsure how to start.... Please help!!! It's the tier with the silver balls... The pic is in the attached files

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Jessica, it looks to me like what you have here is the tufted billow technique with rolled fondant balls in between. Here's a couple of  links to tutorials on the billowing technique

and check out the results achieved by one of our Members, Linda Wolff -

Hope this helps

Thanks guys.... I had no idea where to start!!!! Major save!!!!

Welcome Jessica - it's actually quite easy to do too, although perhaps a bit time consuming!  Good luck and we look forward to seeing the finished product.

so bad news....... the wedding was cancelled.... =(  tear...... hopefully someone will like this design and i'll be able to make it soon.... 

Oh no - sounds like a sad story all round...............

OMG! After all your effort...this is so sad. It really happens sometimes but for a wedding I can't imagine how sad it is too!!!

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