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I have to make a Barbie Doll cake for my grand daughter. My question, To do the dress they say to use a pyrex bowl I dont have one of those. What else can I use? I have a stainless steal bowl. If I do use one what temp and how long do I bake it for to make sure the inside gets baked?

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Patricia - I had no luck using the pyrex bowl.  Ended up with burnt outside and raw inside.  I ended up stacking an 8" layer, a 6" layer and a half ball pan layer together and then carving them to make the shape.  Worked out great.  You can see mine here:


This was back when I first started out and would make the top a little more "pointed" next time to get a better fit on the doll. :)  Good luck!

I've heard people using a bunt cake pan before. If you use a stainless steel bowl, I think you will most likely need to put a flower nail in the center to conduct heat all through the cake. The Wilton doll cake pan even comes with a hollow metal tube that fits in the center of the cake.

i have used the large glass measuring cup from pampered chef it holds 8cups i used a flower nail and dropped the temp down to 325 it took maybe 50 minutes.  this cup also makes a baseball cap


Hi Patricia,
I made a Cinderella cake in September for my four year old daughter and I decided I didnt want the dress to be bowl shaped. I used two 6" round chocolate cakes and stacked them, then I carved into them until I was happy to see a billowing skirt shape. I decided to cover mine in Fondant and added a petticoats and lots of extra panels of dress to make it full. I loved the way it turned out. (I ended up making the doll too from sugar, I like my cakes to be completely edible - my daughter got the barbie anyway lol).
Sorry I haven't posted a link as I'm responding on my phone - but she is in my gallery. If I can give you any other pointers please just ask.
Good luck with your cake - can't wait to see it.
Tracy x
Here is a link to my video (not a how to I'm afraid) it's also on the videos on this site, this is a direct link to YouTube xx

In Australia we have a dolly varden cake pan which is solely for making this kind of cake. It has a nicely tapered shape that I prefer to the Wilton Doll wonder kit one.

When I made my cake though, I didn't have one of these so I made do with a stainless steel pudding bowl and a 6" round cake. I stacked them and covered it all in fondant. I didn't have any problems with the bowl or burning, and I think from memory it took one cake mix spread between the two pans.

Thanks for this great site, Suzig!

suziq auzzi said:

I have the pan, but couldnt find it when I needed it.  I just baked 2 six inch rounds and an 8 inch round, stacked and cut them to look like the botton of an A-line dress.  but... if you want pouffy you could roll fondant around ti to pouf it out.  You can use a stainless steel bowl if its oven proof.  There are a few tutorials on you tube I am sure that would help

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