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Hello fellow cakers. I have a special request. My dad is battling a aggressive form of blood cancer(testicular lymphoma). The chemo therapy center we go to for treatment, is 7 hrs long. While there is a lunch provided for the patients, there is nothing for the families who come with the patients. They are more often than not too weak to drive home. I would like to bake and take some snack packs to help out those who don't have any resources to eat, such as my family. So my request is for any unloved baking supplies such as round or square pans cellophane bags with twist ties, (for healthful snacks like homemade granola).
Thank you all very much. I appreciate any help.

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Hi Courtney, I just got this in my mail!  Am showing it to you.

Dear willeyle,

Hi I just returned from a cruise and my assistant missed sending this item . i am sorry for the delay it will be shipped asap in the morning. Again i apologize for the mistake.

- browneyedwitch
Oh wow i am glad she emailed you because i thought someone had ripped off my mail.thanks bonnie.
Hello bonnie thank you so very much the pizzelle iron arrived today in perfect condition.thank you.hugs

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