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Hello fellow cakers. I have a special request. My dad is battling a aggressive form of blood cancer(testicular lymphoma). The chemo therapy center we go to for treatment, is 7 hrs long. While there is a lunch provided for the patients, there is nothing for the families who come with the patients. They are more often than not too weak to drive home. I would like to bake and take some snack packs to help out those who don't have any resources to eat, such as my family. So my request is for any unloved baking supplies such as round or square pans cellophane bags with twist ties, (for healthful snacks like homemade granola).
Thank you all very much. I appreciate any help.

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Would love to help...where can I send the pkg?
Would love to help...where can I send the pkg? Please inbox.
Omgoodness thank you so very much god bless you denise.:-) will inbox immediately.
Hi denise I had to send you a friend request before I can inbox you and you have to reply first.

Denise Lewis said:
Would love to help...where can I send the pkg?
Hello fellow bakers please help is still wanted/needed i am trying to keep this discussion alive.

I suggest you post a way to contact you, or a delivery address.  I too might be able to help, as would others, just make it a little easier on us to do so please!

Oh I am sorry i am still learning to navigate this page please my apologies.thank you bonnie:).PLEASE SEND ANY PACKAGES TO:COURTNEY MONTGOMERY 2733 PROSPECT STREET,BALTIMORE ,MARYLAND 21216.

Hi neighbor, I live in De.  I don't navigate so well either, but this site is easier than most.  And thanks for the quick response.  I assume you also accept money donations?!  For those of us with no pans to spare, just an urge to help! lol

Hi neighbor well have never thought of money donations but I suppose any help is certainly welcomed.
Hi fellow bakers :) I am also in search of a unloved pizzelle iron I know its a pie in sky wish but this is needed desperately.thanks

Are you looking for a waffle iron, or a Norwegian type cookie press/iron?

I founf a pizzelle iron, just need to know if you still need it?  ASAP please.

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