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I stopped at the fancy cake shop here in town to get supplies for a grad cake this weekend.  She was selling Bakel's brand gumpaste for $3.50#.  The Wilton I have been using and know how to work with is $8.50# at Walmart.  So, needless to say, I bought the Bakel's.  I made a crown and some other items for on the cake tonight - knowing fully well that they have to dry for a day or two before I paint them.  Well, I used the last of the Wilton for some flat cutouts - and that is dry already.  The Bakel's pieces are STILL really, really soft.  I was wondering if there is a considerably longer drying period with it?  Anyone know?  I have the A/C on and retro table fans moving the air around, so I don't think humidity is a problem.  Anything anyone can share about this stuff would be helpful.



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I used the Bakels gumpaste. I found it really easy to use. Now that you mention it, it did take a little longer to dry when I made Calla lillies, but when I did cut outs (smaller scaled items) it dried in a reasonable time frame. I am new to gumpaste so I really didn't think much about it. I did like that gumpaste. I am taking a Wilton class and have some Wilton Gumpaste to use I will see how that compares. I did like how easy it was to use.

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