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There is a local bake off competiton in Bangor NI, and thinking of entering, basically the theme is Sea Bangor, and basically it’s a weekend event of maritime, involving ships, street entertainment, baking, crafts, magic show and music, and want to try and incorporate that, my first instincts are a ship with lots of things happening on the ship to reflect the event or should I focus one thing in particular? The cake will not be ate so don’t want to focus too much on the actual cake, I can make a dummy cake but that might be hard if I am doing an actual ship?

Any advice?

Thanks all xx

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Lynette, my cakes aren't eaten either...still have the turkey and the cat :o)  I use RKTs because they are so wonderful for sculpting and using generic rice cereal and marshmallows and no butter (which I eliminate when using for sculpting), very inexpensive.  It is very hard to carve styrofoam!  It just makes a super duper mess.  When using RCTs, create an appropriate support and form the warm cereal around it.  Pack as tightly as possible, wrap and refrigerate until cold and firm.  It is now ready for carving.

I like the idea of using the ship as your focal point and I would stick with things associated with the ship and not be confused by the other attractions.  If you decide on another option, the cooking demos, for instance, same thing applies.  Use it as your focal point and stick with things used for cooking and ignore everything else.  You are going to do a wonderful job, Lynette!  Don't get cold feet!

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