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So as you probably guessed I need to make a baby shower cake thats not babish.  The colors are turquoise blue and melon orange.  She wants polka dots and stripes. The rest is up to me.  I have decided that the stripes will look like fabric and the polka dots will be buttons. The cake is two tired 10" & 8" not sure what to do on the second tier that fits but istn't babish.  I was thinking of doing a clothes line with baby clothes around the 8" but not sure if thats babish.  She said she didn't want to know anything just do it and deliver. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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I love the clothes line idea.  Sounds really cute.  It's a way to incorporate the baby thing without being over the top. 

I just did this over the past weekend for a baby shower where the lady had wrapping paper and such to match:

More and more we're leaving the ducky's, rattles, and safety pins behind in favor of more contemporary looking baby shower cakes... cutesy isn't so much the thing any more.  Try getting a feel for the rest of the party when people give you carte blanche on the design, and you're not sure what to do.  The sort of event they have planned might give you a clue;  Will there be diaper cakes and games, or dirty martinis and gossip?

That is confusing.(I am not talking about your idea) A baby shower cake that is not babyish? Did she give anymore detail than that?

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