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Hi there everyone,


I was hoping someone can give me some tips on how to make the Baby Bum.  I can't figure out how they make the legs on the baby.  I believe that the bum is made out of the half ball but please correct me if i'm wrong.





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You're correct. The bum is made out of the half ball. I made the feet out of fondant. Handmolded till they looked like baby feet. If you see the one I made, you'll notice I forgot something - the toes. I made the legs before going on vacation and on the same day I returned, I put the cake together, and forgot to put the toes. jajaja. I'll do better next time. But the rest came out pretty good for my first rump.
I should have mentioned that I baked my cake in a 2-qt Pyrex round casserole bowl.

Here's the link to my picture -
Jessie, are you making the legs with cake and fondant? If so, you don't need to wait to attach them. If you make and legs out of gumpaste or fondant you'll need to allow for drying time. Probably somewhere between 3 days and a week.

Jessie Freitas said:
Thank you so much,

You have been great help on this. How long do you think I need to let the legs set before I attach them to the cake?

It sure will. You can form them and immediately cover them with fondant - no waiting. Just make sure your fondant is thick to cover the bumps in the RKTs. Couple of things you can try also 1. Crush your RKs before you mix in the marshmallow and 2. Cover your RKTs with buttercream before adding your fondant.

Jessie Freitas said:
I was thinking of using rice crispy treats.

You think that would work ok?


i was going to make the baby rump on top of a sheet cake, my question is do you think that the rump should be on a cake board with dowel rods underneath? ive seen tons of pics but noone has ever said if they put the half ball(rump) on a cake pan or if dowel rods were necessary. any advice would be greatly appreciated! =)
I did not use dowels.  I put the rump right on the sheet cake.  Since it is not very heavy, it does not weight down the cake; so no dowels are needed.
thanks serita! so you dont put it on cake board? so when you go to cut the cake do you leave the rump on there or take it off?
I do put a cake board so that I can easily remove and give that part to the honoree; let her take the rump with the feet home.  They really appreciate this.
awesome! thanks for your help, im still pretty new to cake decorating so every bit helps!=)
awesome! thanks for your help, im still pretty new to cake decorating so every bit helps!=)
Any time.  I've been helped, so I need to pay it forward.  God bless and happy cake decorating.

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