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Terri Happe is unable to get online due to power loss from Hurricane Sandy! She is doing well and hopefully be back on Monday when her power will hopefully be fixed. If you have an important message, I can deliver it for you, email me directly at

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Thanks for posting this.  We are trying to account for all our members that we are friends with, so good to know Terri is OK.  Hope she gets power back soon, must be very difficult and frustrating for her.

Thanks so much Debbie. Appreciate your help. Just glad Teri & family are alright. Kind of tough not knowing how a lot of our members are doing. Don't know how many are in New York , New Jersey & other hard hit areas.

She is rather frustrated! We only lost it for one day and I was going out of my mind.  It is amazing how loud kids are in the house when there are no other "normal" sounds masking them!


Ha Ha
Had tv when my kids were small..... no computer till they were in late elementary school. There adults now. Seems I'm on my IPod or laptop all the time. It is a great way to stay connected. Guess I'm addicted.... or so my son tells me!!

I must have missed this earlier. Thank you Debbie for posting this. We've been trying to locate different members that may have been hit. Terri was one that I was trying to contact to see of all was okay. Yes, June, I think we all have become quite addicted to the internet. You have to admit, it's a great way to keep in touch!

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