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Hi All...I was asked to make an armidillo cake. It's for a small party 10-12 people...I live in a small community and don't have access to any craft stores to buy special pans etc. Does anyone have any ideas/tips? Thanks a million!

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I would search for any sort of baking pan or dish in your kitchen that might have the oval shape to start with. Do you have any oval or egg shaped pans? You may need to whittle away some sides to make it rounded on top. Then I would cover it in thick enough fondant that I could shape the armor plates into it. I would use rice krispie treats for the tale and probably the head and cover it in fondant also.
Thanks Evelyn, I did find an oval casserole dish that was almost perfect...just need to build up the flat top a bit. Baked it tonight...I think it'll work out great...Thanks again!

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