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Hi Everyone,

What are those things that you enjoy doing or find interesting? This was one of those questions someone asked me at a get together. Not knowing where the conversation would lead, I said, I enjoy cake decorating.
The next question, 'are you a professional? Well, this sounded a bit tricky but it got me thinking who a professional is. After pondering over the question, I decided to change my response from YES to NO to the profile question 'are you a professional cake decorator'?

You know what? I am happy knowing that I enjoy cake decorating or other things without being a professional. In a nutshell, you don't have to be the best to tell people what you do or to share your ideas. The more you share - the more you learn. It's like the nice saying, 'give and it shall be given back unto you'. I hope the more we share in this forum the more we will learn and grow. Have a nice week.

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Well said!  I think on this page the question "Are you a professional cake decorator?" means are you a licensed baker working in a commercial kitchen who gets paid for making cakes?  I would say the majority of people on here bake their cakes in their home kitchens - some of them are allowed to do that based on where they live and sell to the general public - others do it only for friends and family (as I do) and the love of the craft. 


As for being the best - just because you're a "professional" doesn't mean you're the best (check out if you don't believe me). :)  I've seen plenty of cakes by people claiming to be professionals that don't hold a candle to many of the cakes I've seen on this and other sites done by hobbyists in their homes.


I love how everyone on this site is so open and giving with their advice, creativity, recipes and support.  I've been to other sites where people get snippy with one another and we simply won't tolerate rude behavior or inappropriate comments here! We strive to keep it family-friendly and supportive.  Thanks for being a part of our group, Margo! :)

ICouldnt agree More with you both ,I have LOTS to learn yet , But stilla Beginner but comeMothers day Will Be our 1 Years Anniversary of decorating cakes which i love to do

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