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Hi everyone, I'm hoping there is a flower expert on here...i have to try and replicate this centre piece for a cake...but i dont have much experience with flowers. 


Can anyone suggest any simple ideas to achive this centre piece? And also what the different type of flowers that are on there?   I only recognize rose :)


Thank you so much! 


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Sorry forgot to attach pics!!
from what I can tell and I am no expert.. there are fresia, hydrangea, some roses. Good luck!
The one in the "tree" is an orchid.  There's a hydrangea (white, left side of photo)  Looks like maybe a peony that isn't open (yellow, right at the base of the tree). 
Whenever I have to deal with this problem I show the pics to my florist and let her figure out what they are.
I see hydrengas, roses, yellow peonies, and hypernicm berries.   And the white one hanging is an orchid.  Not an expert but I do a lot with flowers!
Thanks a lot everyone, appreciate the comments back.

Any suggestions on how I can do the centre piece? The branches...use wire and then cover it with fondant? Or do it out of gumpaste?

Also I am not familiar with doing gumpaste flowers how can i tackle this challenge?
Do you have any cutters at all?  You would need peony cutters & veiners, hydrenga cutters and the former from sunflower sugar arts is great, rose cutters, orchid cutter, and there is a great little form to make hypernicam berries with.  You would need gumpaste, a ball tool, wire, gum glue, a little yellow gel to color the yellow, and some flower dusts to add the color you need.  If you have not done any flowers before you are tackling some pretty difficult flowers with the peonies.  Edna De La Cruz has a great DVD on making flowers, so does Nicholas Lodge and Jennifer Dontz.  You can teach yourself by watching the DVD's.  How much time do you have?  
Oh my Jeri....i dont have any of cutters...just the basic daisy and 5 petal flowers...this will be a challenge.  The cake is for mid July :S

At least you have some time and the cake isn't due next week.  I just bought the Wilton Gum Paste and Fondant book and it might help you learn some basics with the flowers.   I can remember that it had the rose in it and you used the 5 petal flower cutter to do it.  So there is one down! :)  Also, usually when I want to learn something new I google a lot.  There was a lady that did a step by step blog on how to make peonies that seems pretty simply written.  It looked like a heck of a lot of work, but so worth it!  Good luck!!


Here is the site for the peony:

How about using real flowers on it?  No harm in that but be sure they are all food safe!


If you are looking for any of the equipment take a look at this site.  They have everything that was listed above.  If you have any questions just ask and we will help as much as we can.

Thank you so much everyone for your advice!! I will be back with more questions :)

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