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I do cakes from my home and this is the first time I've done anything mass production.  I took 19 lamb cake orders plus a bday cake, a few have already been picked up and the rest tomorrow.  I have been baking and decorating with very little sleep since Wednesday night...can't wait to be done tomorrow!!

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Wow!  Good luck!
I can relate. I did 81 decorated Easter cookies to be sent to a marine in California by his mother-jn-law.  I did Easter cookies for my kids...some of them to my future son-in-law in Minnesota.  Baby cookies to congratulate my niece and another dear friend on their pregnancies.... In the next 2-1/2 weeks I have one order for  1 dozen cookies, one retirement cake, one graduation cake, and I'm doing a wedding with 230 decorated sugar cookies, 230 cupcakes and a small cake for the bride and groom to cut.  Oh, yeah, I forgot...4 dozen  decorated sugar cookies for a Mother's Day tea party.  I think I"m going to need someone to talk me down from the edge when it's all said and done.  Good luck with all of your projects.
I can relate too. I had over 8 dozen easter cookies that I assembled into platters. I also have to finish up some royal wedding cookies today for and mail them monday so they can photograph them for their website :D so exciting. And 1 easter cake. But I am done baking for easter woohoo! Hope you have a great easter.

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