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Here are a few reminders on the contests here at Cakes We Bake:


1. Only one cake per member may be entered, and only one photo of that cake should be tagged.  You would be doing yourself a disservice by having more than one photo entered as finalists are chosen by the number of "favorites" votes  photo receives - if you have more than one photo you may split your votes.


2. You must upload your cake in the Photos section (NOT the forums!) and have it tagged in the "TAGS" section of your photo editing window with 1130.


3. Do not put "1130F" in the title of your photo - that is a code the moderators add after they have featured your photo so they know it has not been missed.


4.  Adding the tag 1130 does not automatically enter your cake into the featured cakes section - that is done manually by the moderators.  Please be patient if you tag your photo and it's not entered immediately.  All us moderators work on this voluntarily in between our regular lives.   If it has been several days and you still don't see your photo featured, please contact myself, Deah, Theresa Happe, J.J. Becker or Sherry Qualls.


Thanks for taking the time to review these points.  Good luck and happy caking!!


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Thanks for a great detailed post about how to do this.  I love it when I can follow step by step :)



So the people who have more than one entry...what happens?  Are they disqualified?  I did notice 2 pople who had 2 different animal cake pictures featured.  Just wondering.

Sandie, If you see on my pheasant photo you can see I removed the tag befor I enter another pic,but I dont know why didn't remove from the contest.I know  Only 1 cake per member may be entered.

There was someone else who had 2 entries right nest to each other on the featured page and I did not understand why the moderators would allow that.

Girls, I was just asked to be a moderator by Theresa a few days ago, and am pretty new, but wanted to give you an explanation what's going on with the contest.

Nadia and Sandie, there is still some discussion going on with Theresa and the moderators concerning the mix-up. Nadia, because your peacock cake has so many favorites on it from last months contest, there is discussion if that would be fair to other entrants who have just entered a cake for the first time, and have only a few favorites on it. Be patient as Theresa figures this one out. From what I understand, this has never happened before where a person entered the same cake that did not win from one contest, and then entered it in for a different contest. Also,  I believe the other entrant who had two cakes has already chosen the cake she wants left in the contest, and the other one removed, (I'm pretty sure). It has to do with the title too, not just tags being removed. From what has been explained to me, once a person places a cake in a contest by tagging it, then the moderator or Theresa has to manually go and place a F (for featured photo) in the title along with the contest number as well. If a mix-up happens like what is happening now, it just takes some time to get it ironed out. Hang in there! She is working on it! :o)

Sandie Katz said:

There was someone else who had 2 entries right nest to each other on the featured page and I did not understand why the moderators would allow that.

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