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altering a box cake into a pound cake for sculpting

HAPPY NEW YEARS everyone:  I hope u all enjoyed the holidays.  I searched but couldnt find help regarding this question on cwb:  I only make cakes from scratch, but when i study a project i like to use box cakes not the real thing, but it is driving me crazy trying to alter this box cake mix, i have searched the net, i tried adding more flour, decreasing the milk, adding extra eggs, ive done four different ways to alter and still this box cake is wayy to soft and crumbly, am i stuck with having to make the real thing everytime i want to study a new project?  Any ideas?

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In the classes I have taken they said to not use the oil.  hope this helps.

that you faith, the next one i try i will omit the oil
faith brandstetter said:

In the classes I have taken they said to not use the oil.  hope this helps.

I googled pound cake mixes and there are quite a few hits on how to make a box mix a pound cake.  hope this helps.


thnx faith, i will check it out, nite

Monica - could you use a box mix for Madeira Cake?  Don't know if you can get them where you are, but over here Wright's do one.  I think Madeira is almost the same as pound cake?

i have never seen one for madeira cake before, , im so fed up tryin to alter.  i tried adding pudding on the last one and i froze it slightly, thats the only way i manage to do the sculpting, but it still was a struggle.  I may have no other choice than to make a scratch cake from cheaper ingredients, atleast that way i will have the correct type of cake for sculpting.  thnx for your thoughts katy.

Yo Monica - Betty Crocker does a pound cake mix apparently and you can get it from Amazon.  Don't know how the price is compared to what you would expect to pay tho' - $27.28 for a pack of 12.  Here's the link if you're interested -

you can also find the wright madeira cake mix on ebay.  I am sure the shipping will be very costly as it is coming from the UK.  but it is available. 


ok, thnx a bunch for your help katy.

who would have thought ebay would have such things, i just checked out both amazon and ebay, i think im better off just making it from scratch with maragine, and cheap flour.  It is to expensive to purchase the box mix and you dont get that much anyways.  thank you faith and katy for your help.

Try this add 1 cup of buttermilk 4 eggs and same amount of oil asked on cake box I promise you will have a boxed cake that carves well and actually taste great, nothing ever compares to scratch but this is pretty darn good, please let me know what you think after you try it.

i sure will geniese, thanks for replying

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