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So I'm looking into getting an airbrush gun for my small lil home bakery and am not sure what kind to get. I'm tired of having to put so much food coloring in my fondant to get the color I want and then the fondant ripping and becoming dry. Any advice on what type of air gun is best and where to find the best prices? Thanks everyone.

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Yes but use the colors sold in cake decorating stores and use them the same way u would use them as if painting with a brush, alcohol still applys but some online companies have their own mix of colors that may not need any additions just use your own knowledge, the  thing about airburshing is to make sure ur paint is not thick or it will clog the nozzle then u will have to clean it and start all over again. 


My first airbursh was a Paasche, dual action that had a permanent metal bottle attached for paint but I also could screw on glass bottles to use whenever a lot of paint was needed... this is the kind I will go for again, can't find my Paasche..go figure! 




As soon as I get a chance to use it I will let you know what I think.   My daughter is graduating from Ohio University on Saturday so I don't have any time to deal with it this week....hopefully next week I can play. :)

Gilda Payne said:

Great Kathy, please tell us all about it, is it single action, does the box come with a compressor, how is the noise level if compressor is included, can bottles be attached also;  I only got to see the box and it was not very explanatory at all...we are just dying it know cause it is such a good price at 40% off although I may wait for their 50% off coupon in a few months.

Gilda Payne said:

Kathy Kmonk said:

I just bought one at Michael's last week.  It's from Duff's line.  I used a 40% off coupon.  Can't wait to use it.


hi i got the same airbrush at harbor feight my boyfriend just bought it for me..I have not used it yet. i wanted to know if you have to use the special cleaner for the gun?

I have the one by Duff. Bought it at Michael's with a 50% off coupon.  It works well for my needs.

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