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So I'm looking into getting an airbrush gun for my small lil home bakery and am not sure what kind to get. I'm tired of having to put so much food coloring in my fondant to get the color I want and then the fondant ripping and becoming dry. Any advice on what type of air gun is best and where to find the best prices? Thanks everyone.

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I read that DUFF now carries one and you can find it at Michael's.  You can see it at his online store.  Use a coupon and save.
I'm going to Michaels this weekend to get one. I had some issues with fondant yesterday because I had too put a lot of color in it and it dried out. So airbrushing is definitely a must. Is it hard to do? Thanks for all the advice ladies!

Yes Michaels is the place and I always get their 40% off coupons but I think I will wait for the 50% coupon, it usually runs bout every 3 -4 months.


I use to air brush yrs ago and find the dual action brushes work best cause when you push down first only air is released then you pull back (wards) and the paint is released, this works great for an unsteady hand also get books dedicated to air brushing and learn the techniques of making gradiated squares and circles, dots,  etc just don't go air brushing on fondant you need a game plan unless u just want a one color tier?  there is so much more to air brushing!


Don't forget the compressors, try to find one that is noiseless cause they can make unbearable noise!

Do you know if Duff's is dual action?

Sorry but I just got a chance to look at Duff's airbrush machine and although the box does not say anything about it's mechanicism, I looked at the picture and came to the conclussion it is a single action airbrush, priced at $129+tx, I would not purchase this type but hey for 40% off it would be worth it for a second machine to have on hand.


I only like the dual action brushes cause they let air out first then the color giving you more control over the project to me but everyone has their opinion and this is just mine.


FYI: check out airbursh machines at art stores also not just the craft stores.

badger is one of the most popular brands, use to work with them for years, I purchased one on of my main pieces of equipment can't imagine cakes with out it :)


You can go to different hobby or cake suppy store and see what you would like. I prefer the one with the bowl on the top but they are expensive. You can use the one with the bottles just use a little color, you can waste a lot if not careful. Hope this helps. Charlene Fowler
Thanks Charlene I forgot bout that I like the ones that use the bottles cause for a novice the less chance u have to make a spill the better u become, this would b a good time to purchase a Duff model with the Michaels discount and use for a 2nd airbrush especially when u are just air brushing fondant one color
or anything else one color where a spill or splash can be corrected with a color adjustment, I will keep this in mind and now that gives me a reason to purchase Duff's

Has anyone actually purchased the Duff machine that can give any first hand info on it ?

I just bought one at Michael's last week.  It's from Duff's line.  I used a 40% off coupon.  Can't wait to use it.


Kathy Kmonk said:

I just bought one at Michael's last week.  It's from Duff's line.  I used a 40% off coupon.  Can't wait to use it.


Great Kathy, please tell us all about it, is it single action, does the box come with a compressor, how is the noise level if compressor is included, can bottles be attached also;  I only got to see the box and it was not very explanatory at all...we are just dying it know cause it is such a good price at 40% off although I may wait for their 50% off coupon in a few months.

Gilda Payne said:

Kathy Kmonk said:

I just bought one at Michael's last week.  It's from Duff's line.  I used a 40% off coupon.  Can't wait to use it.


So after we get our airbrush, we need color.  Are they pre-mixed or do we mix them with alcohol?  Can we mix alcohol and the pearl dusts that come dry in the tiny containers?  Any tips on how to use color and rinsing?  Rinse with warm water?

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