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Just trying to figure out what airbrush system people use. I'm looking into getting one, but there are so many different kinds. I dont want to spend a ton of money on one that will end up breaking! Let me know what you use :)


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I use the Wimzy Creations Airbrush Pro Kit and I love it. Its portable and easy to control. Ive been recommending it to all my cake decorator friends. and so far everyone who's tried it loves it. I got it from cakes supplies 4 u for a really good price. plus they have a one year warranty, case anything happens. (:

I just received this one on Sunday:

I am extremely happy to get it at very cheap price. You can try it may helpful for you.

Just my two cents...

I have this compressor (whatever compressor you buy, make sure the air is adjustable)

and this airbrush:

  I don't do a whole lot of detail with the airbrush so I can't speak for that, but it works great the basics that I use it for (I'm sure it would do well with more if I took the time to learn).

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