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I have been getting request from a lot of people to teach baking, an am now thinking on these terms seriously, hence I would like some advice on how to go about this. I also have a few questions that probably the experts here would be able to answer:

While teaching baking, how many types of cake can u teach in each class

Is decorating the cake taken along with a same class or seperate

also what can be done with the baked it given to the students or what I would not like to keep the cake at home after the class.

how much time & how many hours will be the lenght of each class

Is the material used for the baking is at the teachers expense or will the cost be taken from the students..........

Can the cake experts here please advice. Thanks n have a nice day everyone





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The first thing I would do is contact the local powers that be about any permits, health department regs, insurance,... you get the idea.

Don't forget to also ask your homeowner's board, if this applies.

Then figure out if you have enough kitchen counter space to comfortably fit X amt of students.

Don't forget to count your ovens, KAs, bowls, spatulas...

IMO I would have one KA, (and any tools needed for any given recipe you are teaching) for each student, two can share an oven if it is large with four or more racks.

I would build in all the raw costs such as ingredients and use of tools into the cost of tuition.

You will have to of course figure out the cost per student for these ingredients and be sure to include electric and/or gas.

Lastly, don't forget to pay yourself!

Find a class in your area , pay the tuition and go spy.

I used to teach summer "cookie camp" classes for older kids in my brothers catering company space.

I included in my package fee (to take home)  cookie cutters, food dye gel, piping bags, tips,  recipes and a too cute to live apron with my company name and personalized with the kid's first name.

Didn't get rich, and it was a hectic summer, but have been thinking about doing again this summer.


I advise teaching one recipe each class, but talk about any alterations that can be used to change things up.

I would also have a huge tub of all veg BC already prepared and just teach coloring and piping.

IMO, I wouldn't get into more than baking, leveling, crumb coating, icing, piping, and stacking.

Save the fondant and gumpaste so they can have the option to pay for these classes seperately.

Teach pipng while the cakes are cooling.

This can be done, depending on the amt of students you accept for each session, from 9-4 on a Saturday (this is the one day almost anyone can set aside for a class).

You may want to provide a light lunch (don't forget to build this charge in).

I used to order pizza or Subway for my kids, never had any complaints!


Good luck with this!

Keep us posted!







I teach cake decorating to an after school club in the spring and fall at my kids school. I don't charge to teach but each child pays a fee to cover supplies. I purchased basic kits for each student to use but I keep them for the next class. I then send a supply list home so that the parents know what to purchase if the kids want to continue to decorate at home. I keep the cost low by having the kids practice on laminated practice boards so the only baking I have to do is for the last class(when they decorate their final project). I wouldn't know how to go about charging but I do know that it is very rewarding. To keep it simple though I teach basic skills in the Fall and more advanced things in the Spring. The kids really enjoy the class.

Thank you Fran & Mimi for the advice. Atleast now I know what details I need to look into before starting. Thanks once again & wish me luck


Thank you Neryl for the link. I appreciate it.

Mimi... best info ever!!!   Teaching classes takes a lot of preperation ahead of time and your advice is wonderful!


well said Jeri..........Thanks to Mimi, Fran & Neryl........I look forward to more advice from the experts here.

Do they want a baking lesson or a decorating lesson?  Be sure to understand what they are talking about first.  The two classes are very different.  We all know that the layman doesn't always use the right verbiage.  Its up to us to translate. 

If they want a baking a class - then be prepared to teach more than cakes.  That's really a quick class with a lot of down time.  If what they actually want is a decorating class (my hunch), this is better and you can teach for quit awhile.  I used to teach.  The first class they were to bring just basic decorating kits (Wilton's class one  kit works just fine).  I would put together a batch of doctored cake batter while they watched and took notes.  I used magic strips, parchment, the whole nine yards.  I talked about the difference between commercial cake pans and those manufactured for the home baker (the tilted sides and non-stick coatings).


While it was baking I taught how to make a batch of decorator's icing (butter-free BC - great for learners) and talked about BC with butter (my preference).  Then we started learning piping on the practice board.


When it was finished.  I taught the importance of cooling racks and when and how to flip it out of the pan, etc.


I always had another cooled cake ready and taught torting, filling and crumbcoating.  Then I would show how to ice the cake.


All this in about 2.5 hours.


The next class they were to bring their own cake, filled and crumb-coated and a batch of icing to learn to ice the cake themselves.


While this sounds like a Wilton course, it's not.  I just use it for a guideline.  I teach much more and dispel a lot of Wilton class myths.  You can have classes on CTs, BCTs, fondant work, gumplaste flowers, etc.  You can take it much further than Wilton courses.

Dawn... more great info!  My thoughts are... encourage them to learn to bake first... if you can not bake a fantastic tasting cake the decorating means nothing.  If you can't eat it... it is not worth the effort in decorating it.  :-)

I tell my customers and students this:


Some people can bake awesome cakes but can't decorate worth a crap.


Others make beautiful cakes, buy they crumble like sawdust in your mouth.


I want both!

Infact today morning I was just thinking of the points that you have explained & was about to post the same...........but you cleared them even before I could voice them......telepathy I guess.........thank you for your advice Dawn.


Jeri -agree 100% wit you..........if your cant eat the cake the decoration & the effort is not worth it. Thank you all for the input on this subject.


Oh - and heads up.  There is always at least one student each new class that doesn;t want to follow the rules and gets upset because it doesn;t work.  Case in point: I tell all my students they are required to bring decorator's icing to class - nothing else.  It's great for learning.  After they learn they can do wheatever they want to do.  Always,  Always, Always there is one stident that will bring her crumbcoated cake and really soft buttercream or cream cheese icing and then wonder why she can't make a rose on her first try. 


You cannot be afraid to tell them the truth.


UH - I told you to bring decorator's icing, you didn't, I can't help you. 


Also - you can't be afraid to tell them they are doing something wrong and to start over.  I'm pretty mean in my classes (a nice mean).  I tell them in the first class - you are paying me money to learn.  You will get your money's worth.  But to do that, sometimes I have to tell you it's wrong and to start over.  I actually get compliments for that.  They leave knowing they are doing it right or where they need to practice.  No one leaves unsure - they leave with confidence.

Dawn... you must be related to Kerry Vincent... a nice mean!!!  Kerry always says it how it is... I think that is what I admire about her!


Thanks Dawn for giving me so much input. I appreciate it. Have a nice day & God Bless.

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