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Hi for those of you beginners in cake decorating. Let me save you some time about edible images and what I have learned. I bought a new printer to make edible images. I also had to buy edible paper, edible ink, and the refill if you run out. All of those are very expensive. I used it for one month without having a problem. Soon after that the printer would mess up. I would have to fix it all the time and that is no fun. Unless you are a computer tech for edible printers you are out of luck. It involves too much repairing and it consumes your time and it still was never as clear as when I had first used it. I already tried everything to fix it so now I am supposed to buy a new part for the printer to see if that works and hope that repairs it. The problem is that the part is more expensive than how much I paid for the printer. That's ridiculous! So if you have thought about buying one, I recommend that you don't. No matter how good of a printer you purchased they all mess up and require many costly repairs. I suggest if you need an image go to any food store and get them there. I know they will not print brand names because of the copy right crap. Go to a local cake baker and see if they can make an acception some do some don't. You can also buy some edible images on Amazon and Ebay. You can also paint on the edible paper with the food coloring and a brush or you can use edible markers that is what I have done at times. Cartoons are not that difficult to draw! So have fun.  The Xbox cake I made I painted myself on the edible paper.

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