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I'm getting ready to bake some white chocolate cupcakes. Usually I use just a white box mix and add white chocolate pudding. Today, I'm adding white chocolate chips as well. So here is my question... Do I melt the chips and add them to the batter (my fear is they harden and my batter is ruined). Should I just add the chips into the batter? Lastly, and I'm thinking my best bet, add the chips after I've put the batter in the pan. Any ideas or suggestions?

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Best way to add chocolate chips Jackie is to #1. Coat the chips in a scant amount of flour, set aside. This way the chips stick to the batter preventing them from "sinking". Put 1/2 batter into your cupcakes tin, drop a few choc chips in batter, cover with rest of batter. If you add the chips to the whole batter in the mixmaster, I find when you scoop into the muffin/cupcake papers, the chips automatically fall to the bottom of the cupcake.
Hope this helps. :o)

Awesome, thank you. I was afraid of them sinking, now I know how to stop it. Usually I use chocolate shavings but the store was out of my good chocolate bars.

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