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I know this is a discussion forum and maybe not the right place for this but I wanted to thank each one of you all at one time so here goes and this was the only way I could think of. Such a lovely thing for each one of you to do, to bake me a cake. Thank you for all your good wishes. I was so surprised when I logged on and there were all these cakes with my name on them. You are the best and I love you for your thoughtfulness. 

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OK, So that makes what you did for me EXTRA special.....: )))))))) XXXXXXOOOOOOO to you all.

we all love you Betty ;xoooxxx

This really was so much fun & I loved being able to surprise Betty but I too am not sure if I would be able to commit to an actual cake for each birthday. I'm in agreement w/Sandra that a heart felt "Happy Birthday" (as well all know it will be coming from such a wonderful group as this) is sufficient. It's the remembering & the sentiment behind is what counts the most. And let me just say to Betty, you've got to be kidding about "brushing up on doing fondant cakes" when everyone is absolutely crazy about those mad piping skills of yours?  I know you've heard the expression "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" right?

Thanks Denise, Guess that let's me off the hook on the fondant stuff. I also know the expression " you can't teach an old dog new tricks" HA!HA!! :_))))

oh Betty your teaching this old dog new tricks ! lol :))

Happy Belated Birthday Betty ! Hope you had a great day :

OHHHH  Adrian, this is even prettier than the other one, thanks for your good wishes.

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