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I know this is a discussion forum and maybe not the right place for this but I wanted to thank each one of you all at one time so here goes and this was the only way I could think of. Such a lovely thing for each one of you to do, to bake me a cake. Thank you for all your good wishes. I was so surprised when I logged on and there were all these cakes with my name on them. You are the best and I love you for your thoughtfulness. 

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Across the miles xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Well, My day is almost over and I am revisiting all my cakes and looking at all of your beautiful work and your lovely comments. I hope it has been as much fun for you as it has been for me. I love ALL of my "Betty Cakes". Thanks again. :)))

Night, night, and sleep tight Betty!

You are so welcome, dear Betty.  Oh, yes, we were as excited as little children on Christmas eve.  We were all on-line (did you notice) when you came on this morning, holding our breaths in anticipation.  This has been a wonderful, fun, loving and sharing day on CWB!

I second that - a lovely idea and the most fun we've had here in a while!

Good Morning all, I have a question, This was such a great idea and a beautiful surprise, What do ( WE ) do for the NEXT birthday buddy ????

Good morning, Betty!  That would be Denise Rico (LaPlace, LA) on November 21st.  This can only be a surprise once, and I am glad it was for you, dear Betty, but (personally) I would love to do the same thing for each of my cake friends.  I am already planning, in my head, Denise's cake design....just can't help myself - lol!

I love the idea of this...but not sure I could participate in all. Lot of stuff going on, and Christmas around the corner with 3 family b-days, and cakes to go with them, coming up. So my focus is on that.

If time does not permit that we actually make a cake, perhaps we could select one we think the birthday girl would love from the internet and post it for her, like Mai did for Betty.  She specified that she did not make the cake, but did specifically choose it for her.  I think that is a wonderful substitute, in a pinch.  It still shows the caring, which is the important thing.

I'm glad I was the first to,would be fun to do it again. Lots of fun for me without the mess. HA!HA!! May have to brush up on doing fondant cakes. :((( Guess I'm not to old to learn HA!!

Good grief, you teach us something every day, Betty, and make twice as many cakes as all of us put together.  I really do not think you are too old to do anything!

OK folks, given some thought, it is probably too much of a commitment to aim at doing cakes for everyone's birthday.  I am so sorry for letting my enthusiasm get the better of me.  Since I am retired and have the time, I guess I thought - wrongly - that everyone else did, too.  A heart felt "happy birthday", I suppose, will serve the same purpose.

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