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I know this is a discussion forum and maybe not the right place for this but I wanted to thank each one of you all at one time so here goes and this was the only way I could think of. Such a lovely thing for each one of you to do, to bake me a cake. Thank you for all your good wishes. I was so surprised when I logged on and there were all these cakes with my name on them. You are the best and I love you for your thoughtfulness. 

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Betty, this is exactly the right place to put it - where we will all see it!

You are most welcome my friend and I hope you are having a lovely day


Your very welcome Betty. Glad we brought a smile to your face...hope you have a wonderful day....

Your welcome. Hope  you have a great day

Happy birthday, Queen Betty!  You are so sweet, supportive and generous that we wanted to pay tribute using our (not even close to yours) piping skills.  Thank you for everything you have taught me and the pleasure you have given me by sharing your wonderful cakes!  

Have a fabulous day, my friend!  Happy, happy birthday!

You are welcome Betty!!! I enjoyed doing your cake and now I know I can pipe some roses!!! Take care. Hope you had a nice celebration. To everyone involved: Do you think it is fine with you to post the cakes you've made for Betty, to be posted on my page with the link here in CBW? Thanks!

It's fine with me Maria!

Sounds like a darned good idea to me too!  Who doesn't like to show off a little every now & then! 

I would be honored, Maria!  Thanks.

Thanks Maria....great idea...

Now that I've looked at all of my cakes and your lovely comments I can tell you that you are all so special to me.You have made my 78th birthday VERY special to me. The thoughts and love behind this idea I feel and I get it. You all are so caring and I have learned so much from all of you too. I enjoy coming here each day, sometimes several times a day just to see what going on. Thank you for taking me into your "hearts", blessing to each and everyone.XXXOOO

You are most welcome, dear Betty! XXOO

So glad you are enjoying our little surprises!!  Now we can all enjoy your birthday with you!

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