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Hi everyone. I was hoping to make some christmas roses. Although iv'e never made one. Normal roses I have but not a christmas rose. Iv'e googled etc to get some idea but I think I need some you your fab help !!


Iv'e got 2 sizes of rose cutters, not the single cutters though. Can I use these ? As there a slightly different shape? I would love to do wired but I can't learn how to do that yet. I've left it a little late to do that at the mo. Although it's on my to do list lol


Thaks so much for any help



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Thank you hun. Unfortunatly he passed away this time last week.

Still in shock really and trying to cope. He was coming home the next day but he had caught pneumonia while he was there. Still hasnt sunk in yet.

Have a wonderful christmas, and I bet all your cakes look and taste stunning !



A little late in my reply Lisa. Katy messaged me yesterday about your grandad. I am so very sorry. What else can I say.  Loss is never easy. My Mom died 2 days before Christmas several years ago. Took me awhile to begin to enjoy Christmas again.

Oh bless you June, im not sure i ever can again huge hugs for you !!. Today has been so hard i just dont know what to think or right now. i dont know what to do with myself, ive even thought about making a cake for something to do !!!! lol ( see theres no getting away from it LOL )

 Its just such a shock, and he was the closest thing i had to a dad. I know what i should be doing, being strong etc rembering memories etc  but, ive never been a stong person !!

thank you so much, to you, Katy and Goreti for your soothing words and wishes. 


I hope i can make or ask how to make a cake sometime again and i so wish all of you the best.

thank you all SO much xxx i dont know what id do with out you all !!


lisa xxxxxx



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