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friend of mine is having an 60's cartoon themed birthday, she wants a cake to match and has requested buttercream which i'm not really good with.But my biggest problem is an idea, i'm plumb out of ideas for what to do for what to make.



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80s or 60s? 

If 80's, I would think of Warner Bros cartoons, Speed Racer, Smurfs, Hee Man, Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles....look on you tube?  Good luck, sounds like a fun cake to make!

Or Hanna Barbera. 

sorry i typed that very early this morning and apparently kept getting my 8's and 6's mixed uo it's 80'S

Do a buttercream transfer!  It is a lot easier than I thought it would be including lettering and numbers.  I did it and it came out great.  There is a video on our site that I followed to make it.  Take your time because it is easy and fun!!! Go see and read about my transfer on my wall here and then on my blog. 

Have fun!  For my buttercream I use Serious Cakes Butter.  It is the best in my opinion.



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