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I am in the very beginning stages of trying to organize a cake auction at an art gallery. If I have enough interested cake decorators, this will be the first event. If it goes well, then I will organize them in different art galleries.

So, I still have to gather information to see how to go about this, but the idea would be to bring together a number of cake decorators to my parents' art gallery in Windsor, New York. It is located 20 minutes outside of Binghamton, near the Pennsylvania border. (Yup, making my parents the guinea pigs). This is their gallery.

I'm thinking of doing this during the cooler weather, so no one has to worry about transporting a cake in hot weather.

I'm all ears for suggestions and feedback anyone has about having done something similar. At this point, I don't have any details.

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I would love to do it if you expand it to a city a little closer to where I live. I live near Atlanta. It is a great idea!
I might be able to do this, any ideas on dates yet?
Sounds interesting...looking foward to hearing the details!

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